Working With Clients

Cartoon Impact

Working With Clients

Cartoon ImpactSometimes people ask me what my process is when I work with clients. In some ways, it’s pretty straightforward. Once we agree on the scope of the project and the format it’ll appear in, I produce a set of sketches showing how I think it should look. I show them to the client, revise them if necessary and, if the client’s happy, I go ahead and produced the finished work. That’s it.
Only, it’s rarely really that simple. Clients come with a wide variety of problems and ideas. A few know exactly what they want, to the point of having prewritten scripts and scenarios. But most have only a vague notion of what they ultimately want. They like the idea of using comics or comic-style infographics to tell their story, but don’t know how that would look in their particular case.
This is where collaboration and brainstorming come in, the back and forth that forms the ultimate shape of the project. Through trial and error, we get to know each other, define the problem and let that understanding tell us how to proceed . The process is different every time–the principals of graphic storytelling aren’t a set of ready-made ideas but rather a framework upon which each unique solution can be built. One of the exciting things about doing this work is how creative it truly is. And while making something fun isn’t necessarily fun in itself, that’s often how it turns out.

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