It's Still Summer. But...

My dad always tells me that on the the 4th of July my grandfather, contemplating the smoking barbecues and bursting fireworks, would turn to him and say “Well, son—autumn's almost here.”

That's not the way I feel, even with just a month of summer still to go, but it does seem like every year the season flies by faster. This summer in particular has been a busy one here at Breakthrough Visuals, a nonstop round of graphic recording sessions, video work and illustrations. Happily, there have also been week-long vacations and some sunny days at the Shore, and there's still more to come. But it's been a while now since the 4th of July, and it's not too early to start making those autumn plans.

Now is the time to hire a graphic recorder to add engagement and excitement to your fall meeting or workshop or to start working on an animated video so you can hit the ground running with your business promotions. Whether you're in your office or your vacation cottage, get in touch! We're ready to help you tell your visual story any time of year.



What Happens Now? Book Trailer

Dr. John Hillen and Mark Nivens asked Breakthrough Visuals to produce an animated video to promote their new business book What Happens Now? We partnered with Germantown Studios to create this engaging book trailer and the authors were very happy with the result. Looking for a video of your own? Let us know--we want to make you happy, too!


Graphic Recording for PBS 39 And More

The past couple of months have seen Breakthrough Visuals provide graphic recording for PBS 39 in Bethlehem, PA, a Health Design Bootcamp at Jefferson Hospital in Center City Philadelphia and seminars for Your Way Home Montgomery County and Digital Promise, an organization that promotes technology in education. Whatever your group's agenda, graphic recording adds excitement and clarity. Want to find out more? Just ask!


Cartoons Gratis

Included in each newsletter is a cartoon to use at no cost. Just click the link for a 300dpi jpeg you can copy to your desktop. All I ask is that you don't get rid of the web URL or signature. And if you thanked Breakthrough Visuals in a caption, that'd be nice too. You can see more free cartoons here.


Free Cartoon Collection

A collection of cartoons created for various business blogs, free for your enjoyment. Read or download the pdf  here. If you like what you see, let's talk about how we can add cartoons to your blog!

Blog Cartoons PDF