Digital Images:Graphic Recording For All It's Worth

When you hire a graphic recorder to add excitement, engagement and clarity to a speaking event or workshop, you get more than just the recorder's time onsite. After every session, graphic recorders send clients high-quality digital photos of the charts they've created, cleaned up with editing software to even out lighting, correct color and fix misspellings. The digital images can also contain information that for whatever reason wasn't included on the original. There's no additional charge--digital images are included in the package.

After your event, make your digital images available to all participants as soon as possible, while the meeting is still fresh in their minds. Then use them: 

• As illustrations for group emails or other inter-organizational          communication.

• On social media as publicity for the event or the organization

• In presentations and Powerpoint slides

• In marketing materials

• As content for company websites

• In newsletters, reports and white papers

• Print them on posters for office display or in smaller versions on vinyl or glass as giveaways(we can suggest resources for this)

• Print them, or parts of them, on mugs, mouse pads, or other         promotional items

By taking full advantage of your digital images, you maximize the value graphic recording brings. Get in touch and let's talk about adding some of that value to your next event!



9 Hours at Philly Tech Week Philly asked me graphic record 9 hours worth of sessions at their Introduced Conference on May 3rd. The conference was part of Philly Tech Week, a week of conferences and seminars attended by the movers and shakers of Philadelphia's booming tech scene. It's become a huge cultural event, so I was super excited to be invited. I was pretty tired by day's end, but the overwhelmingly positive response made it more than worthwhile. You can see more pictures here.


Infographic for VaxServe

VaxServe, a division of Sanofi, asked me to design a series of infographics to explain various communications policies to their employees. If you want to engage your people, fun cartoon infographics are a great way to do it!

Cartoons Gratis

Included in each newsletter is a cartoon to use at no cost. Just click the link for a 300dpi jpeg you can copy to your desktop. All I ask is that you don't get rid of the web URL or signature. And if you thanked Breakthrough Visuals in a caption, that'd be nice too. You can see more free cartoons here.


Free Cartoon Collection

A collection of cartoons created for various business blogs, free for your enjoyment. Read or download the pdf  here. If you like what you see, let's talk about how we can add cartoons to your blog!

Blog Cartoons PDF