Let's Collaborate on Something Great


It's no secret that cartoon-style content is a fantastic way to reach audiences. But what form will that content take? Sometimes clients know exactly what they want, but most, while they love the approach, have only a vague notion of what a final project will look like.

This is where collaboration and brainstorming come in, the back and forth that forms the ultimate shape of the project. Through listening and narrowing down solutions, we get to know the client, define the problem and let what we've learned tell us how to proceed . The process is different every time--the principles of graphic storytelling aren't a set of ready-made ideas but rather a framework upon which each unique solution can be built. One of the exciting things about doing this work is how creative it truly is; not just the final deliverable but everything that goes into it. Almost by definition it involves thinking outside the box--the mental box, not just the ones the cartoons appear in--and that's fun for everyone.

Let's work together on a project your audience will find irresistible! Call 215-384-3575 or send an email to talk more.


Addiction Stories for NBC10

After seeing some of my graphic recording work, NBC10, the local news affiliate, asked me to do a series of graphics to accompany a big investigative piece they did on the opioid epidemic called Generation Addicted. They're a mashup of comics and infographics which accompany video interviews with the people they portray. The project has been a big success and I've been asked to to do more graphics for other stories. You can see them on the NBC10 website here.


Cartoons for MapR

Earlier this year I worked with Evolved Media to develop a series of promotional comics for the tech company MapR to show how various industries use big data. Didn't think big data was funny? Now you know. You can see the whole series here.


Cartoons Gratis

I'm including a cartoon in each newsletter for recipients to enjoy and use for no cost. Just click the link for a 300dpi jpeg you can copy to your desktop. All I ask is that you don't get rid of the web URL or signature. And if you thanked Cartoon Impact in a caption, that'd be nice, too. You can see more free cartoons here.