Leave 'Em With Something: Minicomics

Digital media hogs the limelight these days. That's understandable--if you want your content to get the widest exposure, it obviously has to be on the web. But there's still plenty of need in this world for things you can actually put in your pocket, especially in situations--conferences, for instance--when you want to make it easy for people to remember you and your message. What about a minicomic? Minicomics are small comics, generally 5"x7" in dimension and 8 pages or so in length, that have been used for years by both aspiring and established comic artists to inexpensively showcase their work. Minicomics are also perfect for the business world, where they can serve as both a glorified business cards and entertaining brochures that are very likely to get passed around. Modern technology makes even full-color minicomics very inexpensive to produce, and of course, the PDFs can be posted online as well. You can see one I did recently here, and you can get the actual one for free if you send me an email. Let's get together and make one for your business!


Video For Nutonian

The explainer video I worked on with Evolved Media for the tech company Nutonian is out and on their website. I conceived, storyboarded and scripted it; Evolved Media developed the final design and the animation was done by visual.ly, using stock assets. It's always amazing to see a concept go from rough sketches to finished video; I think this one came out especially well. Take a look at: http://www.nutonian.com/



Health Care Comics

One of the areas in which comics are most effective is health care, especially as it relates to children. Here's a nice-looking series aimed at that audience, only one of the many I've discovered recently. No doubt--if you want to reach kids, you can't beat comics. Talk to Cartoon Impact about comics that get your message out!

Cartoons Gratis

I'm including a couple of cartoons in each newsletter for recipients to enjoy and use for no cost. Just click the link for a 300dpi jpeg you can copy to your desktop. All I ask is that you don't get rid of the web URL or signature. And if you thanked Cartoon Impact in a caption, that'd be nice, too. You can see more free cartoons here.