Explainer Comics

Explainer videos have become a whole industry. YouTube is full of clips explaining everything from the basics of Photoshop to how to build a boat, made with varying degrees of skill. Meanwhile, more businesses all the time are hiring professionals at companies like Epipheo to make slickly produced explainer videos for their websites. But if you want to explain something in a clear and entertaining way, why not consider comics? Comics have always been used to inform and instruct and in the digital realm, where budgets are tight, attention spans are short and sharing is encouraged, they work better than ever. Plus you don't have to keep moving a button around to replay the parts you didn't catch!


Latest Projects

It's been busy here at Cartoon Impact, which is why it's been awhile since the last newsletter. This quarter, we've collaborated on a couple of big comics projects with Evolved Media. Here they are:

Big Data: Out of the Stone Age

A Promotional Comic for Attunity

Big Data: Out of the Stone Age is a 3 page comic for Attunity, promoting their product, which makes it easy to move data from different platforms. The difficulties of moving data the old-fashioned way is characterized through the use of cave men, who, after unsuccessfully trying to get data past a cave bear, dire wolves and a lake monster, are able to do it easily with Attunity, delivered via rocket ship. A very cool project.

Read the whole thing.



The Teradata Querygrid Solution

An Info Comic for Teradata

This 6 page comic for Teradata is a little more straightforward than the Attunity one, featuring as it does a story and characters working in a contemporary office. It is, in fact, kind of a cross between an infographic and a comic, intended to explain how Teradata's Querygrid, a product that integrates data from previously incompatible platforms, works. To that end it features several graphic charts designed by Evolved Media's designer and integrated into the piece. A really nice way to get across a seemingly complicated message!


Cartoons Gratis

I'm including a couple of cartoons in each newsletter for recipients to enjoy and use for no cost. Just click the link for a 300dpi jpeg you can copy to your desktop. All I ask is that you don't get rid of the web URL or signature. And if you thanked Cartoon Impact in a caption, that'd be nice, too. You can see more free cartoons here.